Welcome to the Dungeon Greg information repository!

So what exactly is "Dungeon Greg"?

"Dungeon Greg" is a very obscure game for the "Commodore PET"

Dungeon Greg's exact release date is unknown, but I, the sitehost, dkcfan0114, has looked around and come to a conclusion that Dungeon Greg's release date was in around
early 1977 (most likely January) and a possible re-release under a different title "Greg vs the Gorglies" in Mid to Late 1978 in various obscure computer stores.
The game's release was extremely limited since the lead programmer who is unknown, supposedly packaged a copy of their game into
every Commodore PET unit at a store they worked at. A little over 400-1000 copies were made but only four have surfaced on many bidding sights, going for insane prices.
Now, here are some of the only remaining screenshots of the game, as well as gameplay details.
Dkcfan0114 here, I am currently in contact with someone who owns a Dungeon Greg cartidge. Further details will be posted in March or April.
Currently the only screenshot we have of the game in a good quality.
In the game, the supposed way to beat the levels was to collect the coin, seen in this image.
A screenshot showing the developer(s), "Key Software". No info on this specific Key Software company can be found on the internet.
A screenshot featuring a "Gorglie" enemy, which seems to attack by shooting small projectiles.